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Nightstalkers Over America: Urban Warrior Exercises and Our Gestapo Police State

Nightstalkers Over America

The U.S. Army’s Nightstalkers teamed with the FBI to massacre 76 innocent men, women, and children at Waco. Now, the push for an American police state continues unabated. The U.S. military and the National Guard are now working hand-in-hand with federal, state, and local police agencies and bureaucracies to establish a seamless web of control over private citizens. Under the guise of &ldqut;counterterrorism,” billions of dollars are being spent to erect an Orwellian, Big Brother Communist Super-State.

Particularly ominous and threatening is the “Urban Warfare” scheme, the plan concocted to use the black-suited U.S. Army’s Delta Team and other special commando units to launch assaults on American cities and towns using black helicopters and maximum firepower. Why are these damaging Urban Warfare exercises being conducted all over the U.S.A.?

Release Date: 10/1999

Media Type: DVD

U.S. $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-930004-14-6

Case Lot: 1

Run Time: 82 minutes

Author/Narrator: Texe Marrs

Published by: RiverCrest Publishing

   Foreign Editions:

      • Published in Greece

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