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The Eagle Has Landed: Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space

The Eagle Has Landed!:Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space

• The Zodiac and Devils: Find out why the badges, patches, symbols, and logos of the astronauts and the space missions and craft are based on the names of signs of the Zodiac as well as ancient mythological creatures, heroes, gods, goddesses... and devils—names like Columbia, Gemini, Apollo, Atlantis…

• Secret Masonic Handshakes: Watch in amazement as six consecutive secret Masonic handshakes are exchanged by high-level ground control officials in Houston following one mission success.

• Psychic Powers and ESP: See revealed how NASA has conducted ESP and parapsychology experiments such as telepathic communications from astronauts to psychics on earth.

• Triple witching numerology: Why did the space agency launch Apollo 13 oddly at exactly 13:13 military time? Note: Three supernatural 13s equals triple witching.

• Foul Play in Deaths: Hear of the eerie, occult circumstances of the Challenger space shuttle disaster and allegations of foul play in the deaths of astronauts.

• Moon Shot Hoax? Discover why a number of engineers and investigators now seriously doubt whether man ever landed on the moon. Was the Apollo 11 moon landing a gigantic hoax?

• Occult Ritual on the Moon: Why wasn’t the American public shown the photographs and told about the strange Masonic ritual conducted privately on the moon (or on a stage?) by then 32° Mason astronaut Buzz Aldrin?

• Rocket Scientist A High Priest of Satan: Did a high priest of the Church of Satan work high up in the space program? Did this man invent the liquid fuel rocket, and what about his mysterious death? He was blown to smithereens!

• Masonic Control of NASA: Is it only a coincidence that the Manager of the Apollo Space Program was a 33° Mason and that his brother, also 33°, is now Sovereign Grand Commander of Freemasonry?

• Who Owns the Moon? Was a flag bearing the mysterious image of the Scottish Rite’s doubleheaded eagle planted on the moon by a Mason astronaut? Do the Masons now own legal right and title to the Moon?

• Apollo the Sun God: Has NASA, in its official literature, admitted that the Apollo 13 emblem represents “Apollo, the sun God?” What role does Hinduism play in the space program? Why does the Holy Bible say that one of the names of Satan is “Apollyon?”

• Illuminati Conquests: Is the space program permeated from start to finish with signs, symbols, and rituals of the ancient mystery religions? Is it all designed to induce altered states of consciousness in the minds of man and create the magic necessary for the Illuminati to prevail, that is, to conquer everything in its path?

Release Date: 03/2003

Media Type: DVD

U.S. $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-930004-24-5

Case Lot: 1

Run Time: 120 minutes

Author/Narrator: Texe Marrs

Published by: RiverCrest Publishing

   Foreign Editions:

      • Published in Greece

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