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The Coming Great Thirst: That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More

The Coming Great Thirst: That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More

A coming great thirst will soon envelop the whole world. Almost overnight, water shall become the Earth’s most precious—and most scarce—resource. Men’s tongues shall become scorched with thirst. Entire industries that use water in their processes will grind to a halt. Green things everywhere will quickly become hot, parched, and brown, and shall wither away. Oceans and waterways will become poisoned and be as thick blood, filled with the rotting and stinking residue of dead fish and dead sea creatures.

Are all these things too fantastic—too difficult—to believe? Then hold your breath, because every frightening event described here is about to occur. In fact, the actions of the hidden Illuminati elite, its United Nations, and governments, will guarantee it. But most important: Bible prophecy says it will happen!

In this almost heart-stopping special report, Texe Marrs gives an anointed message. He pictures a bleak era and a world desperate for water and dying of thirst, exactly as it shall be in a few short years. He explains how and why this shall occur. The coming great thirst will bring with it a tremendous toll of death and turbulence. Entire societies will be disrupted, cities will explode with violence, men and women will be suddenly thrown out of work, and hunger will overtake humanity as crops fail. Men will curse God for the horrors that have come upon them and will kill their neighbors for a mere drop of moisture. All this will occur on that astonishing day when water shall be no more.

Release Date: 09/2006

Media Type: DVD

U.S. $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-930004-40-5

Case Lot: 1

Run Time: 60 minutes

Author/Narrator: Texe Marrs

Published by: RiverCrest Publishing

   Foreign Editions:

      • Published in Greece

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