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Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light

Codex Magica

Texe Marrs' bestselling books have sold over two million copies, and he is an International radio host as well as a highly respected researcher. Now he does it again with this shocking expose‚ of the men of the Secret Brotherhood.

Imagine a secret society of grotesque rituals, with candidates lying naked in a coffin as hooded figures, carrying candles, chanting strange epithets and magical formulae... A secret society whose symbol is the death's head—the skull and bones... A secret society that includes in its ranks three U.S. Senators, the overseer of one of the world's greatest banking fortunes, and the president of the United States of America.

The men of the Secret Brotherhood are super-rich and greedy, and they're deadly. Do these men control the CIA? Did they mastermind both the JFK assassination and the Persian Gulf crisis? Are they responsible for some of America's most notorious financial scandals?

The calculating men of the Secret Brotherhood have a hidden plan, but you won't like what it involves. So far, their plot has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Now they want more. To get their way, what on earth will these powerful but corrupt men do next?

Publish Date: 9/2004

Media Type: Paperback

U.S. $15.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-930004-16-0

Case Lot: 32

Page Count: 304

Author: Texe Marrs

Published by: RiverCrest Publishing

   Foreign Editions:

      • Published in Greece
      • Published in Turkey
      • Published in Bulgaria
      • Published in Hungary
      • Published in Poland
      • Published in Serbia/Croatia

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